NRF 2020 Conference Sessions: How to Profit from Personalized CX

NRF 2020 Conference Sessions: How to Profit from Personalized CX

NRF 2020 Conference Sessions: How to Profit from Personalized CX

How will retail change in 2020 and beyond? Judging from the National Retail Federation’s lineup for its annual expo, data-driven customer experience is the new retail battleground, as retailers struggle to match consumers’ expectations. Successful retail companies who owe much of their success to becoming famous for their top-rate customer experience (CX)—such as Nordstrom and Zappos—are increasingly data-driven.

The top marketers at these firms understand that by connecting and using all their data they can bust down silos and gain deeper insights about what each individual customer really desires. Mass-market retail is dead; long live personalized customer journeys and awesome CX! 

NRF is not only one of the most prominent retail shows of the year, it’s one of the first in 2020, and it boasts more than 175 informative speaking sessions—on everything from omnichannel retailing to enhancing customer experiences using Big Data. We’ve highlighted five key sessions relevant to personalized CX and related themes that you won’t want to miss at NRF 2020:

  1. “Turn Customers into Lifelong Fans: Experience-driven Commerce in Action”
    • Sunday, January 12, 11 a.m., Stage 4, Expo, Level 3

      SIGNA Sports United operates as Europe’s largest sports ecommerce platform. Thomas Neumann, CTO at SIGNA Sports, and Michael Gerard, CMO at e-Spirit Inc., showcase why customers today need personalized CX seamlessly across all channels and stages of purchase to convert into loyal fans and increase their customer lifetime value (CLV).

  2. “Enhancing the Customer and Employee Experience by Engaging and Empowering Your Store Associates”
    • Sunday, January 12, 1 p.m., Exhibitor Big Ideas, Stage 3, Expo, Level 1

      Ralph Lauren and GameStop have individually grown to lead their industries in premium apparel and multichannel video gaming. Part of their “secret sauce” is knowing which points in the customer journey are more important than others. Find out how they use this data to help store associates provide highly personalized CX to each customer.

  3. “Tailor the In-store Engagement Using True 360-Degree Customer Profiles”
    • Sunday, January 12, 3:15 p.m., Exhibitor Big Ideas, Stage 1, Expo, Level 1

      Bridging online data with physical in-store shopping data helps retail leaders create complete digital profiles. With a 360-customer profile, marketers can use unique buyer views to continuously uncover the most actionable insights and drive better decisions. In this session, Arm VP of Technology Data Services, Kazuki Ohta, discusses the importance of gaining access to your data in real-time.

  4. “Learn How 4 Leading Global Retailers Have Harnessed a Culture of Innovation and Customer Obsession to Deliver Outstanding Experiences”
    • Monday, January 13, 12 p.m., Featured Session, Kustomer Stage, Hall E, Level 1

      Hear from retail leaders about how they connect directly and personally with customers to deliver unique and personalized customer experiences. In this session, Jake Knowles, Senior Retail Consultant at BJSS Ltd, will moderate a panel of international global retailers, including Joules,, Chloe, and Gap

  5. “Serving Customers on Their Terms: A Conversation with Erik Nordstrom”
    • Tuesday, January 14, 8:30 a.m., Keynote Session, SAP QualtricsXM Theatre, Level 1

      For 118 years, Nordstrom has prided itself on delivering customers with premiere service. Nordstrom Co-President, Erik Nordstrom, will present a keynote session on the company’s strategy to become “the best fashion retailer in the digital world” and scale to other major markets.

So if your New Year’s resolutions include upping your game or making your numbers more easily—and efficiently—don’t miss these sessions from some of the biggest innovators and creative data users in the business. They’re sure to offer inspiration on the many ways customer data can be used for more personalized CX. While you’re in New York, drink a toast to a happy, successful, data-driven New Year! And if you are interested in learning more about how Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform helps retailers deliver a better customer experience, join the Customer Experience Guided Retail Tour or simply stop by booth #1327.

JC Quiambao
JC Quiambao
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