NRF 2020: 5 Ways for Marketers to Enjoy NYC During Retail’s Biggest Show

NRF 2020: 5 Ways for Marketers to Enjoy NYC During Retail’s Biggest Show

NRF 2020: 5 Ways for Marketers to Enjoy NYC During Retail's Biggest Show

Your bags are packed, and you’re on your way to NRF 2020—one of the biggest retail shows of the year—in the heart of the city that never sleeps, the city that made Fifth Avenue synonymous with successful high-end retail.

If you’re traveling from out of town and wondering what to do to escape the conference cacophony (while still keeping your mind on marketing), this list is for you. The Javits Center, situated near the heart of Manhattan, is one of the most iconic convention centers and hosts more than 150 events annually. After a day of exchanging business cards and making many new marketing connections, venture outside the glass enclosed hall to the wonders of New York City. 

Here are five must-see sights, plus a marketer’s perspective, while you’re visiting the concrete jungle. 

1. The Vessel 

The Vessel

Image source: 6sqft

Just a block away from Javits Center, the Vessel in Hudson Yards allows visitors to get a new perspective of the city. Take a break from the caffeine and get an energy boost by climbing up the 16 stories of the honeycomb-like structure. 

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Marketer’s Insight: Sometimes, it pays to get a high-level view of your customers. Other retailers at NRF are using Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to understand high-level analytics, as well as detailed info on each and every individual customer.

2. 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial and Museum 

9/11 Ground Zero Memorial and Museum

Image source: New York Sightseeing

The 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial and Museum honors the thousands of victims and heroes surrounding the tragedy of that infamous day. The museum’s creators captured and curated many of the stories from ground zero, such as live recordings from service men and women and crowdsourced testimonies from across the country. September 11, 2011 will forever be remembered as one of the most tragic days in U.S. history, and the lives of those killed will never be forgotten. 

3. Central Park

New York Central Park

Image source: Loving New York

Escape from the conference stress and take in the wonders of Central Park. As one of the most visited urban parks in the United States, the nature preserve is its own mini-ecosystem—boasting 26 baseball fields, a 20-acre lake, and even a zoo. 

Marketer’s Insight: Everyone takes a different journey through Central Park, because each individual enjoys different things. Whatever your customers are interested in, tracking and understanding each individual journey is instrumental to making sure they receive the right messaging at the right time whether that’s through email, advertisements, or social media. 

4. Katz’s Delicatessen 

Katz’s Delicatessen

Image source: Wikipedia

As an NYC food staple established in 1888, Katz’s Deli is known for its delicious pastrami and corned-beef sandwiches and the romantic comedy scene from the 1989 film “When Harry Met Sally.” Often called the best Jewish-style deli in the nation, visitors are often greeted by a person behind the counter with “do you want to do it the fun way or the easy way?” 

Marketer’s Insight: Katz’s understands that delivering the right customer experience is crucial to their business to help drive overall customer lifetime value. Make sure you attend the various workshops to gain extra knowledge for your marketing team.

5. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Image source: The Unknown Photographer

The Statue of Liberty statue stood as a doorway to a new life for immigrants and became an icon of freedom. Millions of immigrants were processed on Ellis Island before receiving permission to enter the United States. Many of them had their names inadvertently changed, or key data about their backgrounds altered in ways that later became important when they sought jobs or citizenship.

Marketer’s Insight: People’s personal data matters, and failure to get it right or keep it secure can have life-changing consequences. That’s why we have regulations like GDPR and CCPA, and privacy and security has become a top priority for retailers. Marketers who seek to make the compliance process more efficient often consider martech tools like a Customer Data Platform (CDP), which helps them determine which data they are collecting is most important to their customers’ journeys.

Capture the Customer Journey

Whichever path your customers take, capturing every touchpoint paints a more complete 360-degree customer view. The Treasure Data enterprise CDP gives retailers the ability to analyze customer data during the customer’s buying journey and develop personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns to targeted customer segments resulting in increased sales.

To learn more, stop by our booth #1327 at the show or join the Customer Experience Guided Retail Tour.

JC Quiambao
JC Quiambao
JC Quiambao is a passionate and detail-oriented sales and marketing professional with more than six years of experience in business development, events, email marketing, lead generation, and content creation. He's had experience with client-facing engagement and managing campaigns. Outside of work, he enjoys playing disc golf, rock climbing, and creating meals in the kitchen with his wife.
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