Truly Data Driven: Single Customer View (SCV) Is the New Marketing Holy Grail

Truly Data Driven: Single Customer View (SCV) Is the New Marketing Holy Grail

Truly Data Driven: Why a Single Customer View (SCV) is the new marketing holy grail plus the latest on IDFA deprecation

Enterprises are on a Quest for a Real-time Single Customer View

The Single Customer View (SCV), also known as Unified Customer View (UCV) or Customer 360 View (C360), has been missing from our marketing lives and has gotten harder to get with the proliferation of martech, adtech, salestech and, tech in general.

With the push towards implementing a personalized omnichannel customer experience, its absence has been sorely missed. This need for this fundamental element is part of what’s driving interest in CDPs. And it’s not just marketing teams who care. Customer service, sales, product, data science, security, and C-level execs are also keenly interested in having comprehensive SCVs updated in real-time. Read more about the importance of getting to a Single View of the Customer and how one goes about doing that.

An example of Treasure Data’s information-rich Single Customer View Dashboard (SCV).

The beginning of Mobile’s ‘Post-Attribution Era’*?

IDFA stands for “identifier for advertisers.” Apple gave the ad industry this identifier to track end-users throughout the advertising ecosystem. In today’s climate of increased privacy concerns, compliance requirements, and protection regulations, Apple has decided that it’s important to be more overt about consent for tracking and to turn the IDFA to an “off” state by default. And Apple has a new solution to propose as well (the SKAdNetwork).

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For some context:

Testing of SKAdNetwork and great Q&A by Rovio:

* ‘Post-Attribution Era’ phrase via Eric Benjamin Seufert

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Does Your Martech Stack Inspire Joy?

A helpful article to help you make decisions about adding or removing components of your martech stack (including a reference architecture!) by RealStoryGroup’s Tony Byrne.

Why Is It So Hard to Become a Data-Driven Company?

Companies are investing in Big Data and AI at record levels. Despite this, “firms are continuing to struggle to derive value from their Big Data and AI investments and to become data-driven organizations. Often saddled with legacy data environments, business processes, skill sets, and traditional cultures…” Randy Bean with NewVantage Partners writes an excellent article focusing on the data (from their recent study), the issues, and potential solutions.

Transaction Data Is the Most Powerful Predictor of Future Behavior

Stephen H. Yu of Willow Data Strategy describes the most important data for understanding customer behavior including customer identity, products/services, dollar amounts, date and time, store, channel, and more. A great read to understand what to collect to get more insights on current and predicted future behavior.

How to Make ‘Buy Online, Pick Up in Store’ (BOPUS) Work for Your Digital Brand

Neil Patel clearly spells out why BOPUS is important for brands, key components of the buying process that will need to be considered as well as examples of how brands are actually doing this today. Read the article here.

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