Partner Spotlight: LiveRamp’s Kevin Dunn Explains Coping in a Cookieless World

Partner Spotlight: LiveRamp’s Kevin Dunn Explains Coping in a Cookieless World

Partner Spotlight

Welcome to our new Partner Spotlight Q&A series! Today, we are speaking with LiveRamp’s Vice President of Technology Partnerships Kevin Dunn. He’ll share how LiveRamp is helping marketers prepare for a post-cookie world, and how together LiveRamp and Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) help companies deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Treasure Data: What’s one major challenge you’re helping your clients with today?

Kevin: A top concern among marketers right now is ensuring exceptional—and compliant—customer experiences in a post-cookie world. Identity infrastructure is key to this.

LiveRamp enhances marketers’ identity capabilities with solutions that complement existing technology investments, such as a CDP. Our identity technology uses a pseudonymized, person-based identifier to tie together disparate data so marketers can better access and activate data from every part of their technology stack.

With LiveRamp, marketers can build the best view of the customer by recognizing, consolidating, and cleansing first party-data. Marketers can connect new data sources for enrichment and data collaboration, which enables omnichannel activation and more accurate measurement to drive insights and meaningful business outcomes.

We’ve been working on our Authenticated Identity Infrastructure for over four years—and it enables a number of key use cases: marketers can reach addressable audiences, publishers can monetize authenticated inventory, and technology platforms can transact on a durable, omnichannel, people-based identifier.

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As part of the full solution, LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) is critical technology that establishes addressability through a trusted and transparent value exchange among consumers, marketers, and publishers. This value exchange enables people-based advertising and measurement on authenticated inventory across the open internet, while providing consumers access to premium content in a privacy-focused way.

Treasure Data: How do you see CDPs playing a critical role in helping companies grow in the future?

Kevin: Companies are more reliant on data to guide decisions than ever before, and the amount of data being generated through customer interactions will only increase over time. CDPs are helping marketers unify all their disparate data sources while making it understandable and actionable to drive business results.

Treasure Data: How does the Treasure Data CDP fit alongside your company’s offerings?

Kevin: LiveRamp and Treasure Data work together in three major areas—identity resolution, data enrichment, and data activation.

  • Identity Resolution: Treasure Data and LiveRamp share a mission to transform customer experiences. Through our partnership, we give marketers flexibility to leverage the CDPs data unification, segmentation, analysis, and modeling capabilities with AbiliTec, LiveRamp’s patented offline identity resolution technology. AbiliTec brings enhanced deterministic identity resolution to the core of the CDP applications to further improve customer interactions in the offline and online world.
  • Data Enrichment: Profiles within the Treasure Data CDP can be enriched with data from the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, helping marketers enhance targeting and develop comprehensive insights on current and prospective customers.
  • Data Activation: Together, we help brands accelerate their time-to-value and reduce ad spend waste by using a people-based approach to suppressing existing customers or recent purchases from media campaigns.

This is becoming increasingly urgent in light of Google’s recent announcement and as we countdown to 2022.

About LiveRamp 
LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform for the safe and effective use of data. Powered by core identity capabilities and an unparalleled network, LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. LiveRamp’s fully interoperable and neutral infrastructure delivers end-to-end addressability for the world’s top brands, agencies, and publishers.

About Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn is LiveRamp’s Vice President of Technology Partnerships with over 10 years of experience in the Martech and Adtech space. He’s a long-time evangelist for breaking down data silos and using identity infrastructure to power people-based experiences across the open internet. Prior to LiveRamp, Kevin led the digital transformation of Acxiom Marketing Services and was a founding member of IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange.

Jazz Sahota
Jazz Sahota
Jazz Sahota works on the technology partnerships team at Treasure Data. She enjoys exploring the tech ecosystem and how partners and CDPs work together to craft unique solutions for customers. As a leader in developing strategic partnership, Jazz has over 10 years of experience at Silicon Valley startups at various stages of growth and funding.
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