Partner Spotlight: Neustar & Treasure Data CDP Team Up for a Single Customer View

Partner Spotlight: Neustar & Treasure Data CDP Team Up for a Single Customer View


With cookies and IDFAs slated to become less useful for marketers very soon, customers will potentially become harder to reach and understand than ever before. In this Treasure Data interview, Ryan Engle—Neustar’s Head of Product, Customer Intelligence—discusses how Neustar’s Unified Identity™ and Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help to solve such problems and improve marketing ROI. After a co-announcement with Neustar, Treasure Data interviewed Engle for this blog.

Treasure Data: What does Neustar do to help businesses become more data-driven?

Ryan Engle: Our company was built on the foundation of Privacy by Design, so for more than 20 years, Neustar’s unique capabilities have made us the leader in the field of responsible identity resolution. Neustar helps create trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most, with solutions designed for marketing, risk, communications, and security services.

Neustar has partnered with Treasure Data to deliver important solutions that leverage Neustar Unified Identity (for identity management), and Fabrick, Neustar’s identity-based customer cloud for data management, media activation, and marketing analytics that don’t rely on cookies or mobile ad IDs.

Treasure Data: How do those work? And what’s the difference between them?

Ryan Engle: Neustar Unified Identity™ is the only end-to-end identity management solution that enables resolution of offline-to-online identifiers by responsibly connecting people, location, and device data. The new solution is powered by Neustar’s unrivaled identity graph platform, OneID™, and transforms data management to enable better data-driven decision making and outcomes for brands by supporting data onboarding, linking, enrichment, and validation.

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On the other hand, Fabrick™—Neustar’s identity-based customer cloud—powers data management, media activation, and marketing analytics without a reliance on cookies or mobile ad IDs. Brands, publishers and platforms can leverage our innovations in identity-powered media and measurement to drive better marketing outcomes and competitive advantage in a post device-ID future.

Treasure Data: What’s one major challenge you’re helping your clients with today?

Ryan Engle: We help our clients solve the most complex identity challenges, providing data enrichment across silos, on even the most sparse customer data fragments, as well as digital identification and activation using cookieless IDs.

Neustar’s end-to-end identity management solution enables resolution of offline to online identifiers by connecting people, location, and devices, with over 250 million individuals across more than 125 million households. This data has been compiled, verified, and enhanced with demographic, behavioral, financial, property, segmentation and geographic attributes. That’s how we can help brands to connect and augment online and offline data via a single identity infrastructure with linkages across the martech, data science, and CRM-technology worlds.

Treasure Data: Can you give us an example showing how that works?

Ryan Engle: Absolutely. We recently helped an airline by establishing linkages across partial identifiers, and we were able to do two things that improved their results: increase anonymous customer recognition by 33% and remove duplicate and invalid customer records. Neustar’s OneID system appended unique persistent IDs across customer records, increasing cross-channel identity and measurement by 64%.

Treasure Data: Could you explain why that’s important?

Ryan Engle: This is relevant now more than ever: I saw a recent study by Forrester Consulting that evaluated how brands are adjusting their customer data strategies in the face of shifts in the marketing landscape. They found that brands “struggle to meet the moment with comprehensive, identity-based strategies that would let them simultaneously tackle issues of privacy management, data governance, and marketing management.”

Neustar’s goal with Unified Identity is to bring simplicity and order back to customer data management. We help our clients to better manage data between departments and partners using a single, unassailable source of truth. Data chaos kills organizational efficiencies, strategic clarity, and ultimately business growth. Unified Identity provides brands the privacy-centric data quality they need, while eliminating the data fragmentation and organizational pains and artificially created martech silos that many brands struggle with.

Treasure Data: How do you see CDPs helping companies grow in the future?

Ryan Engle: CDPs play a critical role in helping marketing organizations democratize their data, helping to organize, give access, and ultimately activate against their first party data.

A CDP powered by Neustar Identity gives marketers the ability to ingest data, normalize it, verify it against an authoritative truth set, enrich it, personalize experiences in owned channels, and then orchestrate unique omni-channel customer journeys across the addressable marketing ecosystem.

Treasure Data: How does the Treasure Data CDP fit alongside your company’s offerings?

Ryan Engle: Treasure Data’s CDP is a perfect complement to Neustar’s identity data.

For example, Neustar’s Unified Identity adds a new dimension to Treasure Data’s precision and effectiveness. Meanwhile Treasure Data’s industry-leading data hosting, management, and analytics capabilities provide a robust toolkit to analyze and activate on Neustar’s identity data.

Unified Identity is a powerful addition to existing brand and agency marketing and analytics stacks, including Treasure Data’s CDP—whether it’s for upsell, customer acquisition, or retention, identity drives consistent and relevant customer experiences.

Want to learn more about ID unification, single customer views, and Neustar? Check out the Treasure Data and Neustar websites, or check out Neustar’s video on Fabrick and its identity whitepaper.

About Ryan Engle

Ryan Engle is head of product, Customer Intelligence at Neustar. Ryan is also responsible for Neustar’s Unified Identity solution, as well as Neustar’s partnerships with CDPs and other platforms. Ryan has more than 18 years of experience working in the broader marketing analytics industry, focusing on implementing new, innovative data & technology solutions to the world’s biggest brands.

Jazz Sahota
Jazz Sahota
Jazz Sahota works on the technology partnerships team at Treasure Data. She enjoys exploring the tech ecosystem and how partners and CDPs work together to craft unique solutions for customers. As a leader in developing strategic partnership, Jazz has over 10 years of experience at Silicon Valley startups at various stages of growth and funding.
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