Embrace the Possible: Top CDP Use Cases for Auto Brands, Dealers, and OEMs

Embrace the Possible: Top CDP Use Cases for Auto Brands, Dealers, and OEMs

Rev up your sales pipeline with the power of customer data

“How can I rev up my sales pipeline?”

This is a question many automakers are asking right now, especially as chip shortages, rising prices, high-interest rates, and overall economic uncertainty continue to impact auto sales. According to Bloomberg, annualized vehicle sales have gone from 17 million down to 13.2 million between 2019 and 2022—and many automakers are seeing double-digit declines in sales.

Over the past couple of years, many automotive brands, OEMs, and dealerships have made strides towards digital transformation and are beginning to establish data-driven practices. But even as the auto industry moves towards more connected digital products and services, increasing security, privacy, and data governance requirements are limiting customer data usage and availability. This makes it harder to find and reach potential buyers, and get value from the digital investments these companies have made, with a need to continuously adapt and innovate their processes to keep up with regulatory demands alongside the demands of the consumer.

To adapt to these disruptions, automakers must realign their strategies to remain focused on the customer, while also driving efficiency across the organization. At scale, this requires input from leadership across teams that ensures alignment around data goals, outcomes, and expectations. Prioritization centered around identifying the best paths to value and return on investment is also a team effort, to establish a roadmap that enables both short-term wins and long-term growth.

Driving Growth Efficiently With a Customer Data Platform

Many companies use customer data platforms (CDPs) to help their marketing campaigns. But if you’re not activating customer data across every brand, on every channel, throughout the entire business, you’ve just created another data silo—and a lost opportunity.

By maximizing the value of customer data across your entire organization—from customer-facing teams, to back-end operations—you can drive greater efficiency, profitability, and growth. But perhaps most important of all, activating data across your entire organization enables you to deliver truly connected customer experiences.

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Identifying and prioritizing the right CDP use cases helps you understand what capabilities you’ll need, and the best path to implementation to achieve your goals. As you think about your needs, it’s important to realize that not all CDPs, or CDP vendors, are the same. Some CDPs were purpose-built for enterprise-grade use cases and omnichannel campaigns, and some have more limited functionality.

Discover the Right CDP Use Cases for Your Automotive Brand

Treasure Data’s robust Customer Data Cloud, an integrated suite of customer data platform (CDP) solutions, allows automakers to better understand every customer and create a connected customer experience at scale.

With Customer Data Cloud, you can go further, faster by fueling customer-centric decisions that make a tremendous impact on your business and your customers along their entire journey. And, you can do it securely and at scale while turbocharging marketing efficiency.

It’s time to get more mileage from your customer data in revenue growth, improved customer experience, and internal efficiencies. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that breaks down more than 20 unique ways automotive leaders are using Treasure Data to drive business value, improve their operational efficiency, increase productivity for their sales, marketing, and customer service teams, and provide better experiences for their customers.

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Rev up your sales pipeline with the power of customer data

Andrew Shaffer
Andrew Shaffer
Andrew Shaffer, Treasure Data’s Automotive Industry Principal, has held multiple leadership positions at some of the world’s most recognized automotive companies. At every stop, he has grown the business and increased the brand's visibility. He has a BA in Economics from Lehigh University and a MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University. Andrew excels at working with both internal and external stakeholders to find creative solutions that deliver results. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
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