Words from the Wise: 10 Expert Quotes on Why Marketers Need to Turn Their Attention to the Internet of Things

Words from the Wise: 10 Expert Quotes on Why Marketers Need to Turn Their Attention to the Internet of Things

By 2025, a whopping 75 billion devices are expected to be connected to the internet, all of which will be generating an endless stream of complex yet powerful IoT data. And for data-driven marketers, this new data deluge is a watershed opportunity—one that should pique your interest and inspire action now, not in 2025.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with 10 bright and experienced marketing, tech, and IoT experts, all of whom shared their thoughts on where the greatest opportunities lay, how companies and marketers are already leveraging IoT data, and what’s on the horizon. We compiled their thoughts into a new eBook: “Transforming IoT to ROI: How Marketers Can Harness the Power of IoT Data.”

Here, we give you a little taste of the insights our talented panel shared:

The IoT and Marketers

Tamara McCleary

CEO, Thulium.co


Whether it’s geolocation, the delivery of advertising and marketing messaging, or gaining a deeper understanding of what discrete groups are looking for in the delivery of messaging, there are truly endless opportunities for IoT data across the B2B and B2C spectrum.

Chuck Martin

Keynote Speaker, Author, and CEO and Founder, Net Future Institute

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The Internet of Things is creating an entirely new world of data … Ultimately, this will provide the capability to track the bonding of a customer and a product, with a new data trail of the lifespan usage of that particular product, with that particular consumer.

Peggy Smedley

President and Editorial Director, Specialty Publishing Media


With Industry 4.0, the digital transformation is immense, but so are the opportunities. Marketers who see the vast horizon will be able to capitalize on what customers and companies need and want together.

Ian Gertler

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Symplegades Inc.


The IoT is allowing marketers to bridge physical and digital environments and experiences to listen, learn, and interact more effectively.

Ken Herron

Chief Marketing Officer, Unified Inbox


What’s next in IoT for marketing? The answer is voice. New products launched at CES 2016 were “connected.” In 2017, they were all “intelligent.” And this year, in 2018, they were all “voice-ready.”

Evan Kristel

Social Media Business Strategist, UCStrategies.com & Chief Digital Evangelist, EviraHealth


IoT can help retailers understand customer behavior in-store—where they’re spending their time, what products they’re looking at or picking up.

Dean Johnson

Design, Technology and Innovation Consultant, activrightbrain


Future opportunities lie in connected vehicles and mobility services communicating with connected cities, offering location, routing, and behavioral analysis.

Johna Burke

Chief Marketing Officer, BurrellesLuce


IoT kicks the door open wider than ever before to build data-driven relationships with customers.

Daniel Elizalde

IoT Product Management Coach & Advisor, DanielElizalde.com


Marketers now have the real-time ability to see how their customers are using their products, bridging the digital and physical worlds.

Kirk Borne

Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton


IoT data is part of that contextual data stream that illuminates and inspires better, accurate, and more timely marketing decisions.

Ready or Not, Here Comes IoT as a Marketing Tool

It’s true. IoT as a marketing tool is young. But that’s all the more reason to dig in now, rather than try to play catch up later.

To read more from the experts, read the full eBook.

Marci Bontadelli
Marci Bontadelli
Marci Bontadelli is a Senior Media and Analyst Relations Manager at Treasure Data. She has over 10 years of experience working closely with tech, marketing and retail-focused journalists, analysts, and influencers.
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